Bad Credit Auto Loan – Benefits & Features

bad credit auto loans


Everyone today knows the importance of auto equity loans. These loans have been in the market for quite a long while but have recently gained momentum. All thanks to their same day loan processing and disbursement feature. These types of loans have many advantages and benefits that a bad credit auto loan has to offer.

For years Super Collateral Loans has been leading the auto title loan industry. People come to us for financial aid during their tough times. While some need money for clearing big medical bills, others loan money to pay their overdue utility bills. Whatever be the reason, we assure you monetary help against the title of your fully paid for car. All you need to qualify for the loan is a fully paid for vehicle with a clear title.The qualifying loan amount is decided by computing the equity in the vehicle and its overall condition. With the help of this equity, you can look after your unexpected financial crisis that keeps you worrying day and night.

Our auto title loans are a perfect fit for customers who don’t want to waste time waiting for their loans to be approved through other lenders. These lenders can take upto several days or even weeks to process your loans. Our customers can bypass the hassles of signing and submitting countless paperwork. That’s because we require basic documents to process the loan requests. We start working on your request the very same day we receive it to ensure you get your loan money quickly. . Isn’t that great?

Credit score plays a huge role in the lending industry. Several people get denied because their credit scores are not at par with the industry standards. Well, we have good news! We don’t take your credit score into consideration. This is the main reason why our car equity loans are popular amongst fellow Canadians; we don’t do any credit checks! .

The Requirements

Below are the documents you need to loan: .
A lien-free title to a fully paid for car (no older than 10 years)
Proof of permanent residence
Vehicle registration and insurance papers in your name
Second set of keys for your vehicle
A valid Canadian driver’s license
Proof of legal age as per your province

The Benefits

No credit checks or credit history required
No employment details asked
No prepayment penalties
Keep your vehicle
Up to 5 year loan terms
Competitive interest rates
Same day cash disbursal
Borrow up to $40,000
Flexible payment options
Friendly customer service
No proof of income required

We understand that life can be hard and things happen beyond our control. ! During such times, time shouldn’t be wasted in waiting when you are fully capable of helping yourself. Use your car to get a bad credit auto loan to unburden yourself from the unexpected expenses.

We understand, it can be a little overwhelming to work full time or at multiple jobs, and still not have enough save for the rainy days. Forget worrying we’ve got your back!

The Application Process

Call us or apply online – Super Collateral Loans lends out money to people all over Canada. Nothing can be better than a quick cash loan that’s just one quick call away. Alternatively, you can fill out our online application form too. All you have to do is enter in the details of your car ( year, make and model etc).
Submit the documents – Over the phone you’ll be guided to submit the documents for verification. We will keep the title paper as security for the duration of the loan. Once the loan is paid in full we will promptly return your title papers.
Get the vehicle inspected – Next in line for verification is the vehicle. Upon calculating the equity value and checking the condition of the car, the loan value will be decided. Once the vehicle is inspected, you can simply take it when you leave. There’s no need to surrender it or even have it stored. You can use your vehicle as you normally would.
Receive cash – Borrow up to $40,000 in cash based upon factors such as the year, make, model, odometer reading and condition of the vehicle.

Call (toll-free) 1-855-251-3556 or apply online today and get the funds you need now!

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