Getting Cash Using a Vehicle Is As Easy As ABCs. Apply Now!

During the ups and downs of life, there are times when we get into financial struggles. These challenges stop us from fulfilling our dreams. All these problems can be dealt with if you have a fully paid vehicle.

Getting cash using a vehicle can help you with your monetary problems such as; overdue credit card bills, utility bills or help you pay for house repairs, car repairs, and others. An auto title loan is a multi-purpose loan that can help make it possible for you to deal with your money issues, given the present situation of the pandemic. 

Same Day Money

A vehicle collateral loan is fast and reliable. All you have to do is follow some easy steps to get your vehicle evaluated and walk out the door with the money in your hands. Unlike big banks and lenders, where the process of borrowing cash can take days and in some cases even weeks, we provide funds to the borrower on the same day of the approval. 

There are cases in which banks won’t lend you the money even after days and days of documentation and filing. There‘s no need to file heavy paperwork to get a car title loan. All we require is the title of your vehicle which is free from all lien. 

In order to qualify for the loan all you need are the following:

  1. A fully-paid vehicle that’s not older than 10 years
  2. A lien-free vehicle title 
  3. Proof of permanent residence
  4. Vehicle registration papers in your name
  5. Vehicle insurance papers that include collision and comprehensive.
  6. A valid Canadian driver’s license
  7. The second set of keys to your vehicle

Keep Driving Your Vehicle

After you are done with the documentation you can just drive off in your car with the loaned money. You can give the title of your car to us just during the loan period and go back to your daily schedule using your vehicle. Pay off your loan with easy installments and take back your car title as soon as the loan period ends. There’s absolutely no need to surrender your vehicle to us for security reasons.

Now, get rid of all your monetary problems by getting cash using a vehicle! With low interest rates and an easy monthly payment system, we are able to provide customer satisfaction and follow an easy process to get your loan approved. 

The interest rate is low because the equity value of the vehicle secures the loan. The loan amount is evaluated according to the overall working condition of your vehicle. You can have instant cash In your pocket in no time and pay bills, get your place renovated, and have no more worrisome nights. 

Call us at our (toll-free) 1-855-251-3556 or apply online to get your easy car collateral loan from us. 


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