Title Loan

How To Get A Fast Money Title Loan Without Any Hassle?

When you are going through a financial struggle, you usually go to a bank or a private lender for financial help. However, this can take an incredibly long time and sometimes, the end result is not satisfactory. You might even end up not getting the help you need at all.

Fortunately, there are other options available too. You can get a fast money title loan without hassle by following these steps:

  1. Apply for the loan online on our website.
  2. Submit the documents for verification.
  3. Get a quick pre-approval for your application.
  4. Get your vehicle to our branch near you for inspection. 
  5. Get the money you need within 24 hours and enjoy a hassle-free borrowing experience.
  6. You can keep your car with you even during the loan period. 

Fast Money Loan Facts

A quick loan is one that gives you immediate access to much-needed cash. If you are looking for a way to get a car title loan without trouble, you can turn to Super Collateral Loans. We are here to help people who need cash immediately. Here are some reasons why this loan could be ideal for you:

  1. It doesn’t require a good credit score to get approved. 
  2. It provides you money even if you are currently looking for a job.
  3. No prepayment penalties are levied on the borrower.
  4. The interest rates are low and competitive.

How Fast Money Title Loan Work?

With fast money title loans, you can borrow up to $40,000. The best thing about it is that you can apply for this loan at the comfort of your own home. Quickly enter your car details and you can apply for the loan with ease.

How Can I Get A Car Equity Loan Without Any Hassle?

An auto equity loan is simple and convenient, plus it provides you with access to cash instantly so you can take care of your immediate financial obligations. Aside from that, the application process doesn’t entail a huge amount of paperwork or other requirements. 

With us, all you need to do is fill out an online application form and wait for a few minutes for us to review it. After that, your documents will be verified and your vehicle will be inspected. If it has a good equity value, you will get instant approval. 

Once you are approved, all you need to do is wait for your money to be deposited into your account and that’s it! You can get access to the funds you need in as little as 24 hours and then repay your loan over a period of 48 months. It’s that simple! You can also call our toll-free number at 1-855-251-3556 or apply online

Private Cash Loan

What You Need To Know About Getting A Private Cash Loan

When you are facing a medical emergency or if you need money to pay your monthly utility bills, where do you go for help? One of the best options is getting a private cash loan since it offers plenty of benefits. We at Super Collateral Loans will be more than happy to assist you during challenging times through our car title loan.

What Is A Car Title Loan?

A car title loan is a secured loan that utilizes the equity value of your car as collateral. You are borrowing money from a lender like us and in return, you get cash depending on the value of your car in a time-efficient and hassle-free manner. Car title loans are less expensive than traditional auto loans, making them a more attractive option for borrowers who are in need of money quickly.

What Are The Benefits?

  • No Credit Checks

There are no credit checks for a private cash loan. This means that you can still get approved for this type of loan even if you have a poor credit score or no credit at all. All we need is for the car to be lien-free and have enough positive equity.

  • Easy Qualification

Getting approved for a car title loan is simple. All you need to do is legally own the car and be able to prove that it holds good equity. There are no hidden charges and the formalities involved are less than others.

  • Keep Driving Your Car

Even during the loan term, we won’t keep your car with us. All we need is the title of your car and its spare keys and you can keep driving your car the same as before.

  • No Prepayment Penalty

A car pawn loan with us will allow you to pay back the loan with no penalty which is not the case with traditional loans. If you want to pay off your loan early, you can do so without any consequences.

  • Fast And Flexible Settlement Options

You can make a decision on the settlement options that suit you best. You can also choose the schedule of monthly payments based on your own convenience. In addition, you can also decide on the terms and conditions of the loan. The ultimate goal of our private cash loan is to help you during your difficult times.

  • Get Loan Fast

The time it takes in total starting from your application of the loan on our website up until getting the cash in your hands is less than 24 hours. It’s because of the few formalities and fast approval involved in our loan process.

Get Your Loan Today

We at Super Collateral Loans help you through your difficult times through our convenient loan terms and fast loan processing. Call our toll-free number at 1-855-251-3556 to get your car loan from us today.

car title loans

How Do Car Title Loans Work? Get Up To $40,000!

If you’re looking for a way to borrow money, a car title loan is your best option. We at Super Collateral Loans are here to provide you these loans with no income verification and offer the best terms in the industry. To understand how it works, let’s start with the basics.

What Exactly Is A Car Title Loans? 

A Car Title Loan refers to getting loaned money using your fully-paid vehicle as collateral. We will provide you a loan based on the equity value of your car and the maximum amount you can borrow is $40,000. The documents required are; a valid driver’s license, insurance papers and vehicle registration under the borrower’s name. This allows us to provide short-term loans with no income verification or credit checks. 

What Is The Risk?

With traditional methods of lending, a bank must see a legitimate income source to be approved for a loan. After all, money is only as good as the collateral backing it up. But with car title loans, there is no need for an income verification or credit check, which means that this type of loan could be availed by anyone.

Thinking about Applying for a Loan?

We care enough to make sure that your quick cash needs are provided on time. There are no requirements or documents needed to show that you can afford to pay for the amount you’re borrowing or how much you’ve borrowed in the past. 

We are simply looking at your car title as collateral for the loan. You only need to submit the car title and the spare set of car keys, while you keep the car with you.

How Do Car Title Loans Work? 

After you fill up our application form on our official website, we will fix an appointment and inspect the vehicle that you’re putting up as collateral. The car must have a clear title and should not be older than 10 years. The required documents will be checked with no income verification and then handed back to you. If the documents are good and the vehicle is satisfactory, we will then process your information and request immediately.

What Happens Next? 

We at Super Collateral Loans, will go over your paperwork and your application form then discuss the details of the agreement. Typically, this will take a few hours’ time so that we can decide the payment terms and monthly payment schedule. 

Once the loan terms are decided upon, we will hand over the cash to you and the whole process will take less than 24 hours. To apply for your own car title loans with no income verification, contact us via our toll-free number at 1-855-251-3556 today. Apply now!

Money In Minutes

Top FAQs Answered – Now Get Money In Minutes

Sometimes, you end up in a tight spot where you will need money for unexpected expenses but your savings is low, you can’t opt for a bank loan due to poor credit. Friends or family may refuse to lend you money and this may stress you out. 
Money is an important factor in life and everything is controlled by money, may it be resolving household expenses, unexpected medical bills, house repair or mortgage expenses, etc. 

So, when it comes to getting instant funds, you can opt for auto title loans which only require a fully-paid car to be used as collateral. Many people have queries regarding the application process of this type of loan. They have also come to us asking about other aspects related to this loan. So, here’s all the top questions answered for you to make it easy to get money in minutes

  • What is the interest rate of the loan?

We charge just over 2% of the principal amount per month. With the most competitive interest rates available in the industry, we provide our clients with the best interest rates. We want to help the borrowers and stress them out with high monthly payments.

  • Will my car be surrendered as collateral with you?

Generally, when people take collateral loans from banks or other lenders, they have to surrender their collateral with the lender for security purposes. However, we understand how important a vehicle is to the borrower. That’s why we won’t keep it with us. We will only hold on to the title papers of the vehicle for the duration of the loan.

  • How long is the loan term?

The loan term is 48 months. This allows the borrower to repay the loan by making manageable and budget-friendly payments. Our car collateral loan is a financial tool available for borrowers to reduce their financial burden

  • Will there be penalty charges if I finish paying the loan early?

No, there are no prepayment penalties upon the early payout of the loan. If you have money already to repay the loan, go ahead and close the loan even if it’s still far from the due date. 

  • What paperworks are needed for the loan?

There is only minimal paperwork for the loan for easy and hassle-free applications. We only require basic documents such as:

  • A valid Canadian driver’s license
  • Proof of permanent residency
  • Registration and insurance papers of your car under your name
  • Second set of keys to your car
  • A lien-free car that is not older than 10 years
  • Proof of legal age

The best part of our loan is that anybody and everybody can apply for it. We don’t run credit checks on our borrowers nor do we ask for employment details. So if you want to get money in minutes using a car, call us at our toll-free number, 1-855-251-3556. Apply online at our website today.

online money loan

Reduce Your Financial Stress With Online Money Loans

Financial problems and challenges can be a hurdle in an otherwise smooth life as they bring stress and anxiety. However, realizing that there are several ways out there to help you financially will definitely get you some sigh of relief. Through this blog, we will discuss ways to overcome financial problems and difficulties, and reduce your stress. 

There are several ways of getting fast cash, for instance getting online money loans, personal loans, etc. One can also take financial help from family and friends. You can connect with traditional lenders for financing your necessary purchases as well. The solution depends on your situation and your preferences. Some of the ways to tackle financial troubles and stress include:

Identify Your Problems & Find Their Solutions

What you should do is sit back and try to find out the exact problem. It is said that the solution lies within the problem and thus, you need to dig deep so that you can identify the issue.

Source Of Financial Problem: Unexpected injury, illness, or medical problem

Why Difficulties Occur Frequently: Higher medical expenses than income or savings

Solution To The Problem: Consult a good doctor and find the solution to your medical problems. You can contact nearby loan agencies or government agencies to help you financially. 

 Source Of Financial Problem: Unemployment or low income than your expenses

Why Difficulties Occur Frequently: Using your credit limit for everyday expenses 

Solution To The Problem: You should re-evaluate your lifestyle, and create a budget and stick to it. You can look for a part-time job or work overtime. 

Source Of Financial Problem: Addiction to good or bad things

Why Difficulties Occur Frequently: Spending way too much money on things to satisfy your addiction

Solution To The Problem: You should get counseling and professional help to deal with your addiction. There is nothing bad about getting help from specialists. If you do not get it instantly, you’ll never be able to overcome your financial, mental, as well as health problems.

 Source Of Financial Problem: Unable to pay utility bills, house rent, tuition fees

Why Difficulties Occur Frequently: Purchasing new and unnecessary things, for instance, buying a house or an asset that you can’t afford or don’t need.

Solution To The Problem: Buy things which are necessary and within budget. Save at least 40% of your earnings. And pay for the essential services before using the money for anything else. 

This does not mean that you cannot make a big purchase or plan vacations with your family. One should celebrate memorable moments and splurge accordingly. There’s no harm in opting for an online money loan too if need be. As long as you spend your money wisely, there shouldn’t be any financial crunch coming your way.

With Super Collateral Loans, you can apply for a car title loan from the comfort of your home by visiting our website online. You will get to know your loan application’s status within a couple of minutes. You can pay back the loan amount in small monthly installments which are easily manageable. 

If your credit score is poor and you’re in between jobs, and looking for a better loan option to deal with financial stress, an online money loan is the best solution. You can apply for a loan by filling out the basic application form available on our website or contact us at our (toll-free number ) 1-855-251-3556. Apply today!

Car Title Loans - Rid Of Financial Crisis

How To Get Rid Of Your Financial Crisis With A Car Title Loan?

Are you struggling with a bad credit score and cannot apply for a loan because of this reason? There are several people out there who are facing the same dilemma because of low or bad credit scores. Having a bad credit score puts a person in a situation where he cannot seek approval for financial help from banks and other money lending institutions. 

If you find it difficult to manage your finances, don’t worry. Now you can get rid of your monetary issues despite having a bad credit record with the help of Super Collateral Loans. You can get yourself a good personal finance solution to solve your financial crisis with ease. 

How To Apply For A Title Loan?

To apply for a vehicle pawn loan, you will have to fill up the online application form available on our website. The application process is simple and fast. After filling in the basic details you will be required to submit a list of documents.

  1. Proof of age in your location
  2. Your vehicle should not be older than 10 years
  3. A lien-free title of the car
  4. Registration and insurance papers of the vehicle
  5. A valid Canadian driver’s license 
  6. Proof of permanent residency in Canada
  7. A separate set of keys to your car

You must present these documents for quick loan approval. After submitting the documents, you will get a call from our experts who will guide you about the loan procedure in detail. 

They will set an appointment with you for the inspection of the vehicle which will be used as collateral. The loan amount will be decided by analyzing the overall condition of the asset and also keeping in mind the market value of it. 

Advantages Of This Car Title Loans

Several people opt for our easy personal finance option for the advantages it can offer.

  1. The process of the loan is simple and hassle-free, unlike banks and other lending institutions wherein it takes days or even weeks to apply for the loan and get approved. 
  2. The loan approval is quick. The person gets the cash as soon as the verification process is over. 
  3. Your credit score will not be checked. So, even if you have a bad financial history you can still apply for the loan and you will not face any difficulty in the approval process. 
  4. Another benefit is that the borrower gets to keep the car for during the loan term. 
  5. There is no prepayment penalty for this loan. So, if the borrower wants to pay the remaining loan amount before the maturity date, he will not be charged any penalty for it. 

With the help of this car title loans, you can solve your emergency financial situations without worries. Call us at our (toll-free number) 1-855-251-3556  to learn more or apply online.


fast cash loans

Fast Cash Loans-Overcome Your Financial Crisis Now

Are you suffering from a bad credit score and want to borrow instant cash to cover your financial issues?  Struggling with a financial crunch is one of the worst conditions in life. At this time, we require an instant solution to overcome this problem and reduce stress. Super Collateral Loans can help you out by providing fast cash loans to get immediate cash.

These are secured loans that are provided on the value of your lien-free vehicle that is used as collateral. The loan amount that you get will depend upon its age, make, and value.  With us, you get up to $40,000 and can cover up your financial expenses. You need not worry about giving up your car and get to keep using it as usual during the entire loan tenure with us. 

What Are The Basic Requirements For A Fast Cash Loan?

  • Your age must be more than 18 years old
  • You should own a vehicle not older than ten years 
  • A lien-free vehicle title should be there
  • Registration and insurance documents of yours should be there with you
  • A valid Canadian driver’s license is required
  • You should be having proof of your permanent residence
  • A spare set of keys to your car are required

Following Are The Benefits Of Getting A Fast Cash Loan With Us:

Easy Loan Process: You just need to fill out the online application or call us in order to get approved. 

Fast Cash: We provide cash on the same day that helps you overcome your financial problems. 

No Credit Checks: We do not require a credit check on our loans that allows people with bad credit to apply for the loans

Keep Your Car: You can keep your car with you and enjoy driving it during the entire loan period.

No Prepayment Penalties: There are no repayment penalties on our title loans. You can easily pay off your loan early without getting worried about hidden charges. 

Low Monthly Payments: We provide the option of  low monthly payments on these loans 

Hurry up and apply for your fast cash loans with us now. Call us(toll-free) 1-855-251-3556  or apply online.

late payments

Are You Suffering From Late Payments? No Need To Be Stressed

We all face hard financial times once in our lifetime. This is mostly when there are unexpected financial problems like medical expenses, funerals, marriages, repair work, late payments, etc. Instant cash is needed to handle these problems instantly. On top of that, your bad credit score can make you feel helpless at this time. 

But what is the fastest way to get cash in such situations? Super Collateral Loans provides car title loans to people to overcome their late payments. Car title loans use your car’s title as collateral and help you get cash on the same day. These loans are also known as car collateral loans. 

A car title loan is one of the best options to get cash for your tough financial problems in life. It is a secured loan where your vehicle title is used as collateral and you get the money on its value. The loan amount depends on how much is equity in your vehicle.

Minimum Requirements To Qualify For A Collateral Loan:

  • A clear title in the name of your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle must be registered and insured in your name.
  • Inspection of your vehicle.
  • An active Driving License.
  • Spare Keys to your car.

Benefits Of Getting A Collateral Loan With Us

  • Get quick loan approval  on the same day 
  • Simple and streamlined loan approval process.
  • Cash within the same day
  • No credit checks
  • You are allowed to use your car during the loan terms
  • Low-interest rates are there
  • No employment checks
  • Get flexible options for loan repayment
  • No prepayment penalties are there.  

So if you’re suffering from late payments, then apply for a car collateral loan now and get rid of all your financial problems. Call us(toll-free) 1-855-251-3556 or apply online now.

bad credit auto loans

Bad Credit Auto Loan – Benefits & Features


Everyone today knows the importance of auto equity loans. These loans have been in the market for quite a long while but have recently gained momentum. All thanks to their same day loan processing and disbursement feature. These types of loans have many advantages and benefits that a bad credit auto loan has to offer.

For years Super Collateral Loans has been leading the auto title loan industry. People come to us for financial aid during their tough times. While some need money for clearing big medical bills, others loan money to pay their overdue utility bills. Whatever be the reason, we assure you monetary help against the title of your fully paid for car. All you need to qualify for the loan is a fully paid for vehicle with a clear title.The qualifying loan amount is decided by computing the equity in the vehicle and its overall condition. With the help of this equity, you can look after your unexpected financial crisis that keeps you worrying day and night.

Our auto title loans are a perfect fit for customers who don’t want to waste time waiting for their loans to be approved through other lenders. These lenders can take upto several days or even weeks to process your loans. Our customers can bypass the hassles of signing and submitting countless paperwork. That’s because we require basic documents to process the loan requests. We start working on your request the very same day we receive it to ensure you get your loan money quickly. . Isn’t that great?

Credit score plays a huge role in the lending industry. Several people get denied because their credit scores are not at par with the industry standards. Well, we have good news! We don’t take your credit score into consideration. This is the main reason why our car equity loans are popular amongst fellow Canadians; we don’t do any credit checks! .

The Requirements

Below are the documents you need to loan: .
A lien-free title to a fully paid for car (no older than 10 years)
Proof of permanent residence
Vehicle registration and insurance papers in your name
Second set of keys for your vehicle
A valid Canadian driver’s license
Proof of legal age as per your province

The Benefits

No credit checks or credit history required
No employment details asked
No prepayment penalties
Keep your vehicle
Up to 5 year loan terms
Competitive interest rates
Same day cash disbursal
Borrow up to $40,000
Flexible payment options
Friendly customer service
No proof of income required

We understand that life can be hard and things happen beyond our control. ! During such times, time shouldn’t be wasted in waiting when you are fully capable of helping yourself. Use your car to get a bad credit auto loan to unburden yourself from the unexpected expenses.

We understand, it can be a little overwhelming to work full time or at multiple jobs, and still not have enough save for the rainy days. Forget worrying we’ve got your back!

The Application Process

Call us or apply online – Super Collateral Loans lends out money to people all over Canada. Nothing can be better than a quick cash loan that’s just one quick call away. Alternatively, you can fill out our online application form too. All you have to do is enter in the details of your car ( year, make and model etc).
Submit the documents – Over the phone you’ll be guided to submit the documents for verification. We will keep the title paper as security for the duration of the loan. Once the loan is paid in full we will promptly return your title papers.
Get the vehicle inspected – Next in line for verification is the vehicle. Upon calculating the equity value and checking the condition of the car, the loan value will be decided. Once the vehicle is inspected, you can simply take it when you leave. There’s no need to surrender it or even have it stored. You can use your vehicle as you normally would.
Receive cash – Borrow up to $40,000 in cash based upon factors such as the year, make, model, odometer reading and condition of the vehicle.

Call (toll-free) 1-855-251-3556 or apply online today and get the funds you need now!

same day cash collateral loan

Get A Same Day Cash Collateral Loan in 2020

Living a stress-free life in this world of uncertainties isn’t as easy as it seems. The future can be  very unpredictable and getting a hold of some extra cash for these rainy days is a distant dream for many. An emergency situation requiring instant funds can occur at any time. Are you prepared to tackle the situation with your current  savings or do you need some financial help? In this era of increasing competition, making both ends meet just to get through daily needs is a feat in itself. You’ve got a lot of expenses to take care of”; rent, kids’ tuition fees, minor house repairs, vehicle maintenance  and insurance premiums to name a few. A same day cash collateral loan can be a real game changer for people living paycheck to paycheck. All your urgent expenses can be taken care of by opting for a title loan against your car. 

A car collateral loan is the best option for obtaining a quick approval for your instant fund requirements. It guarantees you the monetary help that you need. To get an auto title loan, all you need to do is,use your fully paid for vehicle as collateral. Use its title papers to get a collateral loan within no time of applying. You get the money you need in a short period of time by just using your vehicle. The best part is that you get to do so without having to store your vehicle with us.

What Is A Same Day Car Title Loan?

Our same-day Car Title Loans promise is to provide funds to our borrowers instantly, allowing them to look after their expenses immediately. You can apply for the loan by filling out the online application form by providing necessary details such as your  car make and model, kilometers and personal details.. We then go through your request and request documentation. . As soon as the paperwork is reviewed we set an appointment for your  vehicle to get inspected. If the inspection goes well and paperwork is reviewed and signed we will quickly disburse the funds.. You are free to drive off in your vehicle without having to surrender it as security for the loan. This takes place on the same day provided you meetall the required criteria. 

When caught up in a financial crisis, don’t lose hope since we are here to help you out. We, at Super Collateral Loans, provide you with immediate funds at competitive interest rates. All we take temporarily from you are the title documents of your car which acts as collateral. You are free to keep your automobile and use it as you normally would. The application process is very simple since we don’t bother  with heavy paperwork. We also accept all credit types. People with no credit scores can also apply for an auto title loan with us.Borrow up to $40,000 against your  vehicle with easy monthly installments to pay back the loaned money. The amount that you borrow solely depends on the equity value and condition of your car, and some other basic parameters. Thus, your credit score or your credit history will never pose a threat to your loan application process at Super Collateral Loans. Also, to add on to the list of benefits, having a fixed source of income is not mandatory either.. A same day cash collateral loan helps you borrow quick cash without having to produce employment details or a perfect credit score, unlike traditional loans. 

It is a win-win situation since you do not have to surrender your vehicle as security and we get to help you using your car title documents. Another major benefit of our auto equity loan is that there  are no early payout penalties. You can repay the loan in full at any time by making an early payment even before the maturity of the loan term. 

Minimum Eligibility Criteria to Qualify for the Loan 

  • A fully paid for vehicle no older than 10 years
  • A lien free vehicle title 
  • Proof of permanent residence (piece of computer-generated mail)
  • Vehicle registration and insurance papers in your name (collision and comprehensive)
  • A valid Canadian driver’s license
  • A second set of keys to your vehicle
  • Proof of legal age as per your province

Money is important in our lives. We need it from time to time to look after the unexpected  expenses and the ability to provide a good life for our families. Taking a loan at the right time can really help you avoid embarrassment. Don’t hesitate and call (toll free) 1-855-251-3556 to know more about same day cash collateral loan. We will be more than happy to help you with our expert and reliable services. You can even apply online.